Meandering through the rugged desert landscapes of Asia and Africa to reach the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean, the Silk Routes were once the main artery of lucrative trade. This narrative is set against a rich tapestry of culture, heritage and artistic exchange. With luxury items such as soft fine Chinese silk, intricate Parthian tapestries, exquisite Samarkand glass and exotic perfumery; the Silk Routes symbolized the dawn of a new era. Exclusive and premium items of unparalleled quality were traded- yes, items that wore the stamp of distinction. Only the finest and most sought-after products passed through this corridor, meeting the hungry demand of buyers from faraway lands.

Amidst the tangled labyrinthine of the ancient Silk Route lies a simple story. And while its prologue dates back to the Han dynasty, its epilogue brings us to the 21st century. In Dubai, the glamorous playground and bustling epicentre of the Middle East, a vision was born. A vision that would magically transform the setting of the traditional Silk Route from a dusty desert road to a dramatically digital world. This vision brought two like-minded individuals together and they shared the same passion as the merchants of old in finding rare and extraordinary products.

Today, these pioneering individuals, one from Asia and the other from Europe have created an ideal online mantle called THE LIST to showcase luxury masterpieces from across the world. The winds of change may have wiped away the desert tracks, yet THE LIST brings you a refreshing oasis where you can indulge in the epitome of opulent living.