THE LIST Promise

All our activities are centered around you, our customer. Our commitment is to always provide you with a seamless and satisfying experience from exploration to delivery and to ensure our service exceeds your expectations.

Fast and Insured Shipping

Through an extensive logistics system THE LIST can offer better shipping rates compared to competitors and without any hidden charges. THE LIST takes care of the entire logistics from the store to your door including insurance, customs and clearance, transparently for customers and sellers. We have a 1-2 day order processing time plus a 2-4 day express delivery time, depending on the destination.

Secure Shopping

Buying unique collectibles online requires trust. On THE LIST you can confidently shop the most coveted and iconic pieces. As long as you order via THE LIST’s secure checkout, your purchase will be fully protected. THE LIST acts as an escrow between you and the partner boutique by using secure payment transactions. You simply transfer the money to an escrow account, where it safely remains until you have received your order. Only then will we send the money to the partner.
In the unlikely event that your piece arrives damaged or is significantly different from its description, we guarantee to work with you and the partner boutique to reach a resolution that is acceptable to you, whether that be arranging for a return, a full refund, or a repair with a trusted restorer. Please inspect your order immediately upon delivery and contact us within 7 days if there are any issues.

Your purchase will not be covered by our protection program in the event that

You are returning an accurately described item, outside of the stated return policy
You arranged your own shipping or picked the item up in person, and the item was damaged during this process
You purchased the item directly from the partner boutique (e.g. in store) without using THE LIST’s secure checkout

Fast And Effective Support

Our Customer Care team is available to assist you with your questions and provide any support you require. You can reach our Customer Care team at or on 800 THE LIST (8435478) locally (available Sunday to Thursday 10am-8pm GST) or + 971 444 30279 internationally (available Monday to Friday 9am-6pm GMT). We will answer your query within 2 business days/48 hours.
We are committed to handling any issues and we will refund any charges for deliveries/orders made in our error and will ensure you are updated every step of the way.

Authenticity Guaranteed

Authenticity is one of our core values and maintaining the high quality of our platform is our highest priority. We choose only the most prestigious partners who are experienced specialists in fashion, art, jewellery, watches and interior to sell their pieces on THE LIST. All partners are required to fill in a comprehensive application and are carefully vetted through an extensive approval process and before they are allowed to sell on THE LIST. Any partner that fails to meet our high standards is removed. Additionally, our product specialist team proactively evaluates selected items to ensure authenticity.

After an item is sold, it is picked up at the retailer’s store and delivered to one of our warehouses. From there, our Quality Control team ensures that the item matches the original product description provided by the seller and checks for authenticity.* Once the product has undergone all quality checks it is then carefully packaged and express shipped to the customer. In the unlikely event that the items is not suitable, the item is then returned to the seller; the order is cancelled; the purchase is refunded in full.

*Please note: Authenticity cards and serial numbers may not always be included with your item if the partner has not supplied them.